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If you are a consultant, coach or trainer, you know the challenge of acquiring and retaining clients to grow your business. One advantage to both acquiring and retaining clients is having an exclusive measurement tool to help your clients grow in and expand their influence and influence potential. 

Through dynamic measurement and coaching or training, your clients gain the confidence that the services you provide ARE working! Because results motivate, your current clients will be apt to continue with your services long-term, which means more clients and revenue for your business. 

Global annual spending on coaching is estimated to be more than $2 billion with the United States spending roughly $1 billion alone. How can you be a part of that $2 billion? 

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NOTE: We are in the process of designing the KII™ Certification Program (which is required to become a KII™ Partner) so for a limited time, we are offering qualified candidates the opportunity to become a Charter KII™ Partner by submitting an application. If you are interested in not delaying your ability to use the Keller Influence Indicator® in your business, then this is the quickest way for you to earn Certified KII™ status and begin your KII™ Partnership. Please click here to Read More About the Charter KII™ Partner Status

Thank you for the opportunity to work with the Keller Influence Indicator®. I found it to be both insightful and useful. My coaching clients are in leadership positions and one thing they regularly ask themselves is "Am I being influential and effective?" The Keller Influence Indicator® clearly gives them areas to work on.  Combined with the Enneagram, this is an extremely powerful tool. Many thanks, Karen, for adding value to the coaching profession as a whole.
Mark Smith, ACC
Wildcats Adventure Coaching, Johannesburg, South Africa
Dr. Karen Keller has created an incredible assessment and development program that will clearly help individuals and entire organizations advance to higher levels of achievement. I have participated in a variety of leadership programs throughout my career and have never seen anything like this.  The KII™ Assessment is a very innovative approach to help individuals understand their strengths, weaknesses (blindspots/pitfalls) and improvement opportunities to become more effective in various aspects of their career and life in general.  My personal assessment results confirmed my self-awareness in many areas, but also provided great insight that changed my overall perspective on how to improve my interactions and influence others. I’m looking forward to using the KII™ Workbooks to focus specifically on my traits that can be developed further. From a much broader perspective, I believe organizations can significantly improve their competitive advantage and overall success by having co-workers at all levels participate in this program
Art Doner
Senior Vice President & Market Executive, Old National Wealth Management – Detroit, Michigan

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"Your PepsiCo keynote provided more than just encouragement. It presented the tools and the know-how behind influence and being influential.
Lauren Friedrich
Associate Manager, Brand Development & Commercialization PepsiCo