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The Keller Influence Indicator® is an assessment tool that measures influence potential. Unlike the abundance of static leadership preference-style tests used by most consultants or personality tests that report your character, the KII™ is scientifically validated and developed to provide a dynamic measurement of the Seven Influence Traits™ needed to influence others effectively.

The KII™ Assessment along with the KII™ Report & SOCR™ Report allows you to:

  • Measure your clients’ current potential to influence using the Seven Influence Traits™
  • Dynamically track client’s leadership and influence growth through continued measurements
  • Create upsell opportunities for additional coaching and training sessions using KII™ proven resources
  • Offer your clients an exclusive, first-of-its-kind tool to set you apart from the myriad of other consultants, coaches and trainers
  • Coach or consult from a report representing the objective responses of your client 
  • Connect the Seven Influence Traits™ to the Five Organizational Competencies  

A survey by PriceWaterhouseCoopers and the Association Resource Center concluded that the mean ROI for companies investing in coaching was seven times the initial investment. Coaching is serious business, and the KII™ is the one tool that will give you the edge on your competition. You will build a powerful coaching or consulting reputation, be a top-level coach or consultant, while growing your bottom line. 

KII™ Partner Program

We place great importance on our partners and want to create a close working relationship with them. The KII™ partner strategy focuses on the partner and what they need, in addition to mutual trust which translates into profitable business for both parties. 

There are many advantages of being a KII™ Partner:

KII™ and SOCR™ Coach Manual and Client Workbook Set

  • KII™ Assessment and Report wholesale prices
  • SOCR™ Report wholesale prices
  • KII™ Workbook(s) wholesale prices 
  • KII™ Coach Manual & KII™ Client Workbook set (exclusive ONLY to partners)
  • SOCR™ Coach Manual & SOCR™ Client Workbook set (exclusive ONLY to partners)
  • License to distribute, interpret and use the KII™ assessment and KII™ products 
  • Advanced information on offers and promotions
  • Access to exclusive website area containing valuable information
  • Right to use KII™ Training and Use resources
  • Access to KII™ and SOCR™ marketing materials 
  • Guidance and support for KII™ and influence training/coaching questions
  • Get the latest news and updates 
  • Acquire the leading edge on your competition

The KII™ Assessment is a tool that requires specific qualifications in order to administer and interpret it with others. The KII™ Certification Program prepares you to professionally and ethically administer and interpret the KII® assessment.  We offer exclusive licenses to become KII™ certified to select consultants, coaches, and trainers. By becoming a KII™ Partner, you gain KII™ certification, discounted training resources, the KII™ marketing kit, increased revenue and much more. As a member of the KII™ Partner program, you will be equipped and accredited to market your skills as a KII™ Certified Professional. 

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Additional Opportunities for Expanding Your Consulting, Coaching and Training Services

The KII™ Summary & Organizational Competencies Report™, or SOCR™, provides top-level organizational leaders a summary on specified organizational employees or team member’s KII™ scores. This allows for a unique composite overview of organizational strength and weaknesses in the area of influence. Consultants, coaches and trainers can sit down with C-level leadership or management and provide profoundly accurate information and insight, with follow-up training or coaching sessions on areas of organizational weakness. This added service, the SOCR™ Report, is worth thousands of dollars to your company’s monthly revenue stream. 

See sample KII™ Report here

See sample SOCR™ Report here

How to Become a KII™ Partner

Learn how your consulting, coaching or training business can succeed with the Keller Influence Indicator®. 

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The Keller Influencer Indicator® assessment is easy to take and produces a quite comprehensive and easy to understand report. The workbooks focusing on specific areas are a great idea and provide a simple way to focus on improving one thing at a time. I can’t wait to dig in and learn more to see how best to use with my clients.
Janet Fjeldstad
San Francisco, California
When I started my own company, I invested in Dr. Keller’s coaching program. It was the best investment I made! She inspired me to take the risks needed to take charge of my destiny. My client numbers increased 35%, and my profits went up 60% - in the first year! Dr. Keller motivated me to invent and implement ways to expand my business 45% with little financial investment. Her ideas were critical to helping me know which actions to take.
Roberta Stone
Founder, President RA Stone Designs – Indiana

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