Influence vs. Inspiration vs. Motivation: Understanding Why Influence Wins in the End

Think of the favorite leaders under whom you have served? They probably pressed you and squeezed more talent and energy out of you than you ever imagined was within you. They probably drove you mad at times as they popped the cork of self-limitations, BUT THEY INFLUENCED YOU!

Are Intelligence and Experience the Best Measure of Potential?

How do we discover if someone is the right person, possessing the needed potential to grow fully and move the entire team toward the vision or dream? This is the vital question of leadership and influence. Being able to accurately predict potential and to realize that potential ensures right-fit high-potential talent that creates real competitive advantage in employer branding, engagement and retention, and business performance at minimal cost.

Untapped Potential. A Leader’s Dream.

Your goal as a leader should be to find the people who hold the most potential and develop them towards greatness.  Let your experience and insights as a professor, boss, or consultant benefit the growth of their PQ. Pour into them and watch them begin to flourish as their potential turns into true influence and ability. 

Time Magazine’s XQ is really Potential Quotient (PQ) and How to Measure Yours

As people, measuring things about ourselves has always been a part of the human experience. The ultimate ability of a high XQ candidate is the potential to influence others. This potential quotient (PQ) separates the mediocre and average from those who excel, those who can influence others to do the needed tasks and lead others to move toward a final vision.

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