For the MBA Professor

Teaching the leaders of tomorrow is no easy task. In fact, it is of the utmost importance that MBA professors have the ability to help the MBA student meet tomorrow’s challenges. The MBA professor puts forth high expectations, alternative perspectives, and methods that connect today’s ideas to tomorrow’s solutions. 

The MBA professor offers differentiated learning material and approaches leading to self-reflection, insight, entertainment of new ideas, expression passion and development the courage and confidence to excel. 

See the Benefits of Using the KII™ in Your MBA Course

How the KII™ Benefits the MBA Professor

An MBA professor needs to balance three things; the needs of the student, the needs of the school, and the needs of the community. Each of these needs are components in an ever-changing world where students are expected to bring forth their best leadership skills and business strategies – and it is the responsibility of the professor to move the student to a space where he or she can explore, expand and practice the necessary mindsets and behaviors that make this happen.

Yes, no easy task… 

However, the MBA professor who uses the KII™ in their course in total or as supplemental material, is ahead of the game! From preparing the student in developing communication mastery to helping him or her gain the practical skills for global management or leadership, the MBA professor can use the KII™ to: 

  • Conduct enlightened conversations.
  • Design a core curriculum that encompasses influence.
  • Address fundamental influence skills necessary for all endeavors.
  • Increase the student’s self-awareness and continued learning.
  • Introduce new concepts and approaches to business & leadership.

Additional Benefits of the KII™ in the Classroom

The KII™ offers several benefits to the MBA Professor, such as:

  • Accelerated Classroom Education
  • Maximize Professor Talent 
  • Enhanced Quality of Learning
  • Academic Accountability
  • Assignment Follow Through

See the Benefits of Using the KII™ in your MBA Course

You can turn real-time data into knowledge – for each student. 

The next generation needs top quality leadership, highly engaged communicators, future-thinking innovators and ethical entrepreneurs who will dedicate their best in their companies and their communities.  

The KII™ is a proven advantage, having been piloted at the graduate College of Business and Behavioral Science at Clemson University.

In crafting the syllabus for my MBA Business Communications course, influence was an important element in the course. I was unsure as to the best way to teach/discuss the subject. Dr. Keller's Influence Assessment was a terrific instrument to make the topic of influence more relevant, clear, and important to my students. She took the time to video conference into my class to explain the assessment tool and research behind the assessment. Her knowledge and passion for the topic of influence added a very credible and important element to my class.
Gary Bernardez
Professor, Clemson School of Business, Clemson University

When you view your detailed results of the FREE KII™ Trial, you will quickly come to realize the value of purchasing the comprehensive Keller Influence Indicator® Assessment and KII™ Report.  The full KII™ Report provides your total influence score, called K-Factor™ along with detailed information and insight in these six areas for each of the Seven Influence Traits™:

  • Score meaning
  • Competitive Advantage
  • Personal Strengths
  • Blindspots and Pitfalls
  • Improvements to Make
  • Benefits of Improving
  • Using Each Trait at Work, Home and in Your Community 

The SOCR™ Report 

The SOCR™ Report (KII™ Summary and Organizational Competencies Report) shares a one page summary of the KII™ Report and provides additional new information that correlates the Seven Influence Traits™ with each of these Five Organizational Competencies including; Leadership, Communication, Team Effectiveness, Strategy & Solutions, and Execution & Evaluation. The SOCR™ Report also provides information on how you impact others, take action, handle pressure, and respond to conflict. 

The SOCR™ Report shines light on a student’s expected performance in each of the Five Organizational Competencies which is dependent on their scores on each of the Seven Influence Traits™. The information and insight provided by the SOCR™ Report is invaluable to both the student and the professor. 

See sample KII™ Report here

See sample SOCR™ Report here

How does the MBA Professor use the KII™?

Once you decide to use the KII™ the process is simple, user-friendly and very effective. Every professor receives their full KII™ and SOCR™ Reports for free. They can choose to upload their classroom roster in one of two ways; manually or automated. Once this is complete each student will receive an email (generated by KKI) indicating they can complete their KII™ once they access their account (generated by KKI). 

Next, you will have administrative access to valuable aggregate data for their specific classroom and/or course to see who has completed the KII™, average scores, score ranges, etc. NOTE: No identifying information is made available to the professor or the institution. All individual student information is kept confidential. 

Do you want to see the value of the KII® firsthand? Then take a FREE trial of the KII™(for a limited time) and learn about your own influence potential. 

We are confident that when you see the exacting detail of the KII™ report, you’ll want to have the comprehensive KII™ as a core component of your MBA course. 

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