KKI is excited to announce training for the world’s first Influence Potential Assessment and Program – the KII®: Build an Influence Culture™. The KII® Partner and Enterprise Partner Training courses will prepare coaches, consultants and trainers whose knowledge and skills will be supported by using the KII® Assessment and program in their practice. Candidates will emerge from the training program as KII® Certified Professionals, ready to work within the evolving world of influence either with individuals and/or organizations.

The KII® is the Fitbit® of Influence.
Mary Foley – AOL Former Head of Corporate Training

Join influence builders around the globe to train with Dr. Karen Keller, a leading authority on being influential and creator of the Keller Influence Indicator® (KII®). This comprehensive grassroots training is available nowhere else. Welcome to the future of influence!

KII® Partner and Enterprise Partner Training are CCE accredited courses by the International Coach Federation (ICF). Coaches certified through KII® Partner and Enterprise Partner training will be awarded CCE units according to the provided chart.

ICF CCEs Now Available

KII® Partner

21.5 Core Competency

2.5 Resource Development

Enterprise Partner

37.25 Core Competency

3.75 Resource Development

Here are the top 3 reasons coaches are using the KII® Assessment:

  • Personal and Professional Growth

  • Coaching Practice Growth

  • Client Professional Development

What the KII® does for coaches directly:

  • Increasing confidence in your skills
  • Staying committed to your professional development
  • Courageously asking tough questions
  • Empowering your client's vulnerability to explore
  • Expanding your trustworthiness so clients will trust your intentions
  • Passionately walking your talk
  • Being likeable which opens doors to potential long-term coaching clients

What the KII® does for the coach's practice:

  • Clients respond at a higher level (making quality clients)
  • Clients make a greater investment in their coaching
  • You come across clearer to the client
  • It opens new ways and perspectives for the client to work on results
  • You feel centered when coming to a coaching conversation
  • Clients reflect what you demonstrate to them; confidence, commitment, etc.
  • You gain tremendous respect in the coaching relationship
  • You become an 'in-demand' coach with a waiting list

What the KII® does for the client:

  • Expand the client's leadership impact and presence
  • Helps clients as they make a significant mark on the world
  • Inspire clients to take action
  • Shapes attitudes and behaviors
  • Grows clients into their full potential
  • Creates exceptional results for clients

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We write tools that change the way organizations live.
Karen Keller, Ph.D.

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Over my 29 years in corporate America, I witnessed how critical influence is to your success, especially early in your career as you build the foundation of your career. I was fortunate enough to be introduced to Karen Keller through an associate and quickly understood that the Keller Influence Indicator® would be a great fit for my Business Communication course.
Gary Bernardez
Clemson University Business School