What is Influence?

The world’s most influential leaders, thought leaders, writers and business people know the real secret to influence – influence starts with you, not the other person. It starts by learning who you are and the traits you possess that will allow you to become an influential person.

The FIRST requirement for being an influential person is knowing yourself.
Dr. Karen Keller

A review of the last 20 years studying the greatest influencers in the world; Ghandi, Christ, Martin Luther King, Mother Teresa, Jim Collins, Jack Welch and many others shows it wasn’t just what these people did that made them influential.  It wasn’t because they had money, position or authority. They were influential because of who they were and the qualities they possessed.

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The Seven Influence Traits™

The answer to all three questions is simple.  You need to have a strong understanding of the 7 influence traits that you already possess.  You need to understand what they are, which ones are already working hard for you and which ones need honing.

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