What is the SOCR® Report?

The SOCR® Report stands for KII® Summary and Organizational Competencies Report. The SOCR® Report offers a brief summary of the KII® Report and provides additional new information to the individual based on their responses on the Keller Influence Indicator® assessment. It correlates each of the Seven Influence Traits® with these 5 Organizational Competencies including Leadership, Communication, Team Effectiveness, Strategy & Solutions, and Execution & Evaluation.

The SOCR® Report also provides information on how you impact others, take action, handle pressure, and respond to conflict. These areas are critical to identifying and developing tomorrow’s leaders and business owners.

See sample SOCR® Report here

The KII® Summary & Organizational Competencies Report®, or SOCR®, provides top-level organizational leaders a summary on specified organizational employees or team member’s KII® scores. This allows for a unique composite overview of organizational strength and weaknesses in the area of influence. The SOCR® Report provides relevant and valuable insight into how an individual performs in the organization and offers recommendations on the next steps. This added service, the SOCR® Report, is worth thousands of dollars to your company’s monthly revenue stream. 

KII® Trial Report AND SOCR® Trial Report 

With the KII® Trial you can test the waters to see if the KII® is right for you before you make the decision to purchase the full version. With the trial version, you’ll take the Keller Influence Indicator® assessment and then receive your Commitment Score (KII® Trial Report) and the SOCR® Trial Report for free. If you like what you see, and are ready to view the other 6 trait scores, plus your K-Factor® score, and the full SOCR® Report you may choose to upgrade to the full KII® Report and/or the full SOCR® Report. 

See sample KII® Trial Report here

See sample SOCR® Trial Report here

Ready to Take the Next Step?

Today, you can take the Keller Influence Indicator (KII®). Instead of wasting precious time trying to figure out your capacity to influence, you will actually understand what you need to know about your Seven Influence Traits® to create the change you want to see. You’ll learn which of these influence traits are working hard for you, and which ones need attention. 

For a limited time, we are pleased to offer you a FREE Trial KII® Assessment and Report as well as a SOCR® Trial Report.  The KII® Trial Report reveals your Commitment Influence Trait score—one of the Seven Influence Traits®. This free trial report also provides you personalized recommendations for increasing your Commitment score. The SOCR® Trial Report shows you how your Commitment Score corresponds to each of the 5 Organizational Competencies.