The Seven Influence Traits®

Successful influencers know that action is an important aspect of success. In addition to what they do, they also possess a combination of traits that compel others to listen, believe and follow them. This combination of traits did more than just create short term changed – it shifted lives! 

Everyone possesses these Seven Influence Traits™ to varying degrees; it’s the strength and mix of these traits that affect your influence potential. 

Improve These Seven Traits to Maximize Your Influence

After years of study, Dr. Karen Keller identified seven crucial traits that have a direct impact on a person’s level of influence. Everyone possesses these traits to varying degrees, and it’s those variances that affect your influence potential. As you might expect, the higher your score in each of the Seven Influence Traits™ – increasing your K-Factor™ total score – the more influence you will have.

What’s more, you can actually work on these Seven Influence Traits™ to improve your abilities and then maximize your full influence potential. In fact, that’s the whole point of Dr. Keller’s research – knowledge without application is useless. Dr. Keller will help you increase your own level of influence, and in turn improve your business, career success and professional and personal relationships for a more fulfilling life.

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What are the Seven Influence Traits™?

To become more influential you have to work from the inside out, focusing on each of these seven influence traits. Mastering these traits will naturally make you more influential and can change the course of your life.

And the first step to creating that change is to start where influential leaders start — with self-knowledge. If you’re like most people, you likely cannot objectively measure these traits within yourself. 

Knowing others is intelligence; knowing yourself is true wisdom. Mastering others is strength; master yourself is true power.
Lao Tzu

The Seven Influence Traits™ Explained

Confidence is having the ‘whatever-it-takes’ attitude. This is your mental attitude of believing in, trusting in, and relying on yourself and your abilities. See Infographic

Commitment is the underlying force behind achievement. The more determined you are to reach a specific goal, especially in the face of adversity, the more likely you will succeed. See Infographic

Courage is your strength to face difficult circumstances (or even difficult people) head on. See Infographic

Passion is the fire in your spirit for what you do. It is the expression of your enthusiasm and your eagerness, and starts the engine for your success. See Infographic

Empowering is your ability to support peers and share knowledge with them. It also includes how you reward people who make a contribution. See Infographic

Trustworthiness is a high virtue, and is fairly self-explanatory. It is worth noting though that of all the influence traits, this is usually the most crucial. Lose trust, and you instantly lose influence. See Infographic

Likability is more than being friendly. It’s your capacity to create positive attitudes in the people around you, and focus those attitudes towards a common goal. See Infographic

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