Leading with Passion KII™ Workbook

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When was the last time you pursued your passion or opted for being practical? What is it that drives you? What burning desire keeps you warm, lighting your efforts and motivation? 

Passion is a beautiful sentiment but it’s also powerful and fundamental to your motivation and momentum. Passion is something you can build towards every day. Passion gives you the tools to inspire others and create real, lasting change. The desire to aim high to a larger goal builds your overall creativity and creation. 

Using the Passion KII™ Workbook, you’ll learn:

  • How to identify what matters most to you
  • To connect with your purpose
  • The four steps of the Passion Cycle
  • How to Take-the-Leap Analysis
  • The Leisure-Passion Connection
  • How to successfully use your passion at work

Remember, the best decisions come from listening to your authentic voice!

Thank you for letting me have this course. I thoroughly enjoyed it and repeatedly was challenged by its pace, depth and demands on me. It has been a great learning experience and revelation.
Gero F. Weber
Business Mentor, Dreiser-Weber GmbH - Baden-Wurttemberg, Germany