How to Avoid the Social Climber

Perhaps you’ve been sitting around the office and have overheard gossip claiming that one of the managers is “sleeping her way up the corporate ladder” or “just using so and so to get a promotion.” Sometimes this is simply office gossip and people are jealous of quick promotions so they look for an excuse other the simple fact that this woman has been working hard. Unfortunately, sometimes it’s true.

Using Adversity to Your Advantage

Don't let adversity get you down.  Learn to take the challenges posed by adversity and turn them into stepping stones to get you back on track.

Self-Promotion without Bragging

There's a fine line between bragging and pointing out our achievements in order to be successful. Here are a couple of things you can do in order to avoid becoming the unwanted office braggart:

Knocking It Out of the Park: Nailing the Interview

Anything can happen in an interview, but you can exhaust and overwhelm yourself if you try and anticipate everything that they could possibly ask you. That’s when it’s time to calm yourself and focus on a couple central points to really nail your interview.

Ask and You Shall Receive

Are you being passed over for raises and promotions for this simple reason? Don’t let success slip past you again! Learn to be aggressive by asking for what you deserve.


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