The 8 Rules for Catching the Attention of Your Next Client

Attracting clients has come a long way since the days of seeing the customer as not having any knowledge of what they want or knowing what’s best for them; or being a vendor who has all the answers and doesn’t consult with the customer. Companies no longer can say, “To do business with us, this is what we offer and here’s how you fit in.”

Show Your Anxiety Who's Boss

Anxiety affects 18% of the US population – about 40 million people. Many people experience worry and anxiety so often that they no longer recognize it. Everyone worries to some extent. Worry is okay when it opens up your mind to exploring new avenues of solution or when it causes you to drive on the right side of the road (for your protection). But it’s when worry moves into anxiety leading to a physical and emotional toll on you work performance and mood, that's when it’s time to take action.

How Saying “No” Creates Real Power in Business

You might think that real power in business comes from simply owning a business. But as a businesswoman who’s got the hang of my daily routine, I’ll tell you: real power in business comes from the ability to say NO!

Create a Better Relationship to Your Work Environment

Many people spend more time at work than they do at home, with their family or with their friends. While it seems like an utter travesty, the facts remain unchanged, so it’s important that you have a good relationship with your work environment, whether that’s the people you work with or the space in which you work. Here are a few ideas that will help.

Finding Your Sweet Spot

The best way to find and play to your strengths, to analyze the way you perform in certain business situations, is to give yourself a job interview.


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