Managers – HR Professionals

People thrive when organizations give them opportunities to maximize their skills and talents.

The people you hire and manage look to you to provide solid communication and leadership that produces positive team-building as well as personal growth. When conflicts arise, you will be expected to create interactions that lead to a successful resolution.

When you, as a leader or manager, have knowledge of and understand the Seven Influence Traits® (yours and theirs) the people you lead or manage will find greater appreciation for diverse approaches and increased organizational success.

During KII® Certification you will learn:

  • About each of the Seven Influence Traits® and combinations of them
  • How to use KII® results for individual feedback, coaching, and more
  • Concepts to apply to both personal and professional development
  • The dynamic and systematic theory that underlies the assessment
  • Practical uses for business and organizational applications

How the KII® Certification Program will enhance your success:

  • Credibility: The KII® assessment is widely used in corporations and organizations throughout the world and is administered globally.
  • Versatility: The Seven Influence Traits® can be measured and used to increase productivity, engagement, as well as several other dynamics with individuals, teams, and entire organizations.
  • Applicability: The KII® Certification program provides access to numerous KII® supplemental material and resources developed to support such needs as facilitating communication, team-building, improving decision making, employee retention, leadership development, and conflict management.

Having the KII® assessment in your toolbox will greatly improve your ability to connect, lead, and garner higher productivity and efficiency within and from your workforce.

Register for KII® or Enterprise Certification

Completion of the KII® Certification Program is one of the requirements needed for using the KII® assessment with clients, teams and organizations.

I unconditionally recommend Dr. Keller. I have observed her performance over the years ranging from the classroom to participation in her Organizational Development Leadership program. Her leadership program allowed me to re-examine my own leadership skills that, in turn, enhanced communication and productivity in the office. I find Dr. Keller to be extremely knowledgeable with great insight.
Ken McCrory
Executive Director, DeKalb County Economic Development Partnership, Inc.