Trainers – Educators

As a trainer or educator, you are working to teach or impart your knowledge and experience to a group of people who differ from one another in several ways.

What these people do have in common, however, are the Seven Influence Traits®. Every person possess confidence, commitment, courage, passion, empowering, trustworthiness and likeability – only in different quantities – and how they maximize or leverage use of these traits.

The various levels of these Seven Influence Traits® will make the difference as to whether a pupil or participant will perform and develop according to their potential. Every issue, disappointment, celebration, or skill of a person’s life can be traced back to one of these influence traits.

During KII® Certification you will learn:

  • About each of the Seven Influence Traits® and combinations of them
  • How to use KII® results for individual feedback, coaching, and more
  • Concepts to apply to both personal and professional development
  • The dynamic and systematic theory that underlies the assessment
  • Practical uses for business and organizational applications

How the KII® Certification Program will enhance your success:

  • Credibility: The KII® assessment is widely used in corporations and organizations throughout the world and is administered globally.
  • Versatility: The Seven Influence Traits® can be measured and used to increase productivity, engagement, as well as several other dynamics with individuals, teams, and entire organizations.
  • Applicability: The KII® Certification program provides access to numerous KII® supplemental material and resources developed to support such needs as facilitating communication, team-building, improving decision making, employee retention, leadership development, and conflict management.

Using the KII® assessment to produce greater self-understanding, knowledge and insight will heighten the learning clients experience during your next training or educational program.  

Register for KII® or Enterprise Certification

Completion of the KII® Certification Program is one of the requirements needed for using the KII® assessment with clients.

I'm thrilled with this opportunity to understand my attitudes, focus on my potential, and strengthen my weaknesses. Dr. Keller has asked all the right questions to give me a tailor-made plan for change, and I can't wait to get started!
Abby Haskett
Iowa City, Iowa