Dominate The Existing to Change the Future

It not only takes energy and effort to get the owner to buy into change, it also takes energy to get the other salespeople to buy into it. By experiencing success yourself, you are able to find some of the forward thinking salespeople and allow them to be early adopters. They can become your advocates and walking testimonials for further implementation.

The Two Things Required of a Change Agent

In today’s workplace, being a change agent is crucial or soon your organization will become a fossilized relic. Merely staying on the course is not enough. You must stay ahead of the pack or be swallowed up and spit out the back. True change agents are able to bring the most diverse types of people together to accomplish positive, transformational change.

5 Ways Being A Change Agent Can Equal Profits

I always find it interesting that so few of us deal well with change, when it’s one of the most common constants in the world. Change happens. It’s all around us! Yet for some reason, when change affects our lives or workplace, we have a little meltdown and don’t really know what to do. Today I want to let you in on a little secret: If you learn to embrace change (and even be the agent of change), you can reap the rewards. Here are five ways that you can use change to make a profit.

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