How to Coach Empowerment in the 21st Century Leader

Part Five in our series on the Seven Commitment Traits and coaching leaders.

In our initial articles, we have looked at how to coach several of the Seven Influence Traits. Today, we move to the fifth of the Seven Influence Traits™ - Empowerment.

You, The Empowerment Coach

Empowering others is the key activity that sets a leader apart from a mere doer. A leader is able to use influence to enable others to accomplish the objective at hand.

Here is how you can help your clients empower others.


Servant Leadership: Part One

The world needs more servant leaders! You have the potential to be a world changer as you exhibit the qualities of a servant leader. Take the initiative to shift your focus to equipping others. Start today!

3 Signs of Executive Presence

How does she do it? She walks into the room, and all eyes and ears are on her. Waiting, listening, watching. She is the one everyone recognizes as the leader when a team is formed. She's the first one picked by clients or customers to speak with about their multi-million dollar account. They look to her for guidance and courage.

What does that woman have that you don't? What's her secret? Presence.

Executive Presence.

5 Ways Entrepreneurs Show Gratitude

Gratitude is one of the most powerful emotions you can have. Every person in business is thankful for something or someone; investors, supporters, parents, spouses, customers, being in the right place at the right time, on-time delivery, increased on-line presence, high performing team. The list goes on. But how and how often do you show your gratitude? Say a simple thank you? Give an appreciative smile?

Women Influencing Business: Using Your Problem Solving Skills

Men look at problems and see one thing. That one thing which needs correction, and they seek to fix it. Women look at the same problem and see multiple things that need fixing. Men use their left brain searching for the answer, while women use their right brain searching for several answers.

Men and women evaluate problems differently. What else is new?

There’s the desire to solve the problem, then there’s the desire to uncover every reason or hint at what wouldn’t solve the problem.

How To Be In The Right Place At The Right Time

Do you always do the right thing at the wrong time? Maybe you’re in the right place but the wrong time.

Timing is a trait everyone wishes they had.

Can the art of perfect timing be learned?

Is it simply a matter of thinking or listening to that feeling in your gut? It’s both.

The decision making part of your brain is constantly observing, storing, and arranging all the information it comes in contact with. It calculates what, when, and how we use that information.

Do You Practice These 3 R’s of Power?

Power at work, power in relationships, power in your words, and power in play – it’s everywhere!


Because it’s what makes things happen.

People make assumptions about power. They typically think of it as controlling another person, manipulating a situation, or threatening a way of thinking.

Not always.

Like a nuclear reactor, a volcano or love – all great power begins from within. The issue is what it gets used for.

Business: The Truth about Details

The book, Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff by Richard Carlson is a great book with good advice but it doesn’t tell the whole story. Rather, "the devil is in the details" does – if you ignore what is in your line of sight. Great business leaders and entrepreneurs know it’s the details that pull off the best laid plans. The challenge is to not let the small stuff drive you crazy while paying attention to the pea under the mattress. You need to realize the danger of ignoring the minute elements that will either make or break you and your success.


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