Dominate The Existing to Change the Future

It not only takes energy and effort to get the owner to buy into change, it also takes energy to get the other salespeople to buy into it. By experiencing success yourself, you are able to find some of the forward thinking salespeople and allow them to be early adopters. They can become your advocates and walking testimonials for further implementation.

Stories Are Powerful Tools Of Influence

Stories are powerful tools of influence. Throughout history, stories have played a central role in changing people’s minds. Influencing through narrative is as old as mankind and it still works to influence change. Let's delve in to how can you better craft and tell stories to influence others.

Influencing Through Learning Styles

When seeking to influence others, observe to determine the learning style of the chief decision maker. Whether you are doing a formal presentation in an attempt to change minds and outcomes or having a one on one conversation, entering the world of the person you are attempting to influence through their most open door of learning is the best option. Strive to understand before being understood. 

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