Getting people’s attention starts with being likeable
How Likeable Are You?

You want to be noticed. You believe you have lots to offer. Yet you don't seem to be able to grab the attention of the influencers, your boss, your co-workers or even your spouse! You certainly can't influence a positive change in these relationships because no one knows you're there!


No, you don’t need to wear a lampshade at the next party to get attention!

But you do need to step out of your comfort zone and consider something that many of us never stop and think about.  How likeable are you? 

Getting people’s attention starts with being likeable. I mean, how many people do you give your attention to who aren’t likeable? Probably not many.

Just look at the LIKE button on Facebook; everyone is asking everyone to like them! or how about the thumbs up and thumbs down on videos – sounds like the Roman gladiators. However, this symbol is a powerful reflection of the relationships between people.

People crave to be liked!

Likeability makes you more employable, attractive, and healthy. Did you know that when you are likeable you experience less stress, lower rates of depression, greater resistance to the common cold and better coping strategies during hardship.

Let’s look at 5 things you can do to become more likeable (and get more attention).

  1. Let people get close. Have an open door policy at work. Be visible. Willingly welcome comments and questions. The value of being approachable: priceless.
  2. Be authentic with others. Being fully human, and more likeable, means being your authentic self. Becoming more authentic doesn’t always mean things you add, but instead, it can be more about things you have to give up, such as pretense, external trapping, ego, etc.
  3. Do something nice – but keep it simple. Random acts of kindness are a means by which we make a purposeful attempt to brighten another person’s day by doing something thoughtful, nice, and caring for them.
  4. Be positive and have a sense of humor. You thoughts affect your attitude. If you are upset, that’s your choice. If you are anxious, that’s your choice. If you are excited, that, too, is your choice. Taking charge of your attitude is your first step towards making your attitude work FOR you and not AGAINST you.
  5. Make people feel good about themselves. Give sincere compliments. Make them successful. Shine the light on their accomplishments. Or better yet, ask them to teach you something.

Following these five likeability tips will open the door to new relationships and much more attention than you may be able to handle.

Now, once you get their attention, what can you do to keep it? Read Part II to get the last five tips on getting (and keeping) people’s attention. 


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