Raising Up Leaders Part Three

In our series, Raising Up Leaders, we have discussed that 51%+ percent of any great leader’s job is to develop new leaders. This process of raising up leaders is VITAL to any organization’s long-term success.

Let’s dive deeper into what you should be focusing on when selecting WHICH future leaders to invest your valuable time and energy on.

First, a question to ask:
Which of these is the MOST important quality for a future leader to possess?

1) Charisma

2) Character

Raising Up Leaders Part Two

In this series, let's take a look at the obstacles to raising up leaders, and how we can overcome them. We’ll also include some practical ways you can coach and inspire future leaders. 

Good leaders lead.
Great leaders raise up other leaders. 

A large part of a leader’s job is developing the leadership and influence potential of the people on their team.

The Two Things Required of a Change Agent

In today’s workplace, being a change agent is crucial or soon your organization will become a fossilized relic. Merely staying on the course is not enough. You must stay ahead of the pack or be swallowed up and spit out the back. True change agents are able to bring the most diverse types of people together to accomplish positive, transformational change.

Visionary Leaders: Getting Beyond Yourself Part 2

A vision-centered leader will build goodwill—by developing friendly, helpful, or cooperative feelings and attitudes.  The likability of the leader is important in this endeavor but isn’t the only issue. The leader must foster and fight for unity within the team, dealing with conflict and sharing the vision in a compelling way so that the team’s buy-in is high.

Influence versus Leadership

Just because you are an influencer doesn’t mean you are a good leader. Everyone can grow in influence and leadership abilities. Lead in the arena where you are currently placed. Don’t wait for a title or promotion.  Start influencing others to work toward a mutually desired vision.

Servant Leadership and The Seven Influence Traits: Part Three

Through examining how servant leadership is tied to each of the Keller Seven Influence Traits® and strengthening each of these traits, a crucial step will be taken in creating a healthy culture of servant leaders.

The Visionary Leader: Getting Beyond Control and Hyper-Focus

Influential leaders are often visionaries. They see a clear picture in their head of a dream to accomplish and rapidly begin pursuing it. They are opportunity focused. 

If not careful, visionary leaders can err on one of these two fronts:

Raise Up Leaders by Increasing Their Decision Space

Fifty-one percent of any leader’s job is to use  their influence to develop new leaders. How do we, as leaders, proactively grow and empower emerging leaders? A chief means is to have a deliberate process which serves to increase a leader’s decision space.


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