Four Positive Life Changes You Can Make Today,
It's time for a change

How about starting your week with a completely holistic upper?

I want you to think of five things that went wrong last week. Drove you batty. Incited you to strangle, choke, scream or open your eyes wider than they’ve ever been.

Now, make a list of five things that went right last week. Brought you joy, made you laugh or, just made your day in any old way.

The second list was harder to make, wasn’t it? Well, it shouldn’t be!

Here are four positive life changes you can make today that will have that second list rattling off your tongue like that first list of frustrations. No need to be frustrated: looking onward and upward is always a more enjoyable task!

Wake up each morning with a “thank you.”

It’s your first thought of the day – why not make it one of gratitude? From birds outside your window to the sound of the coffee pot, there’s a long list of things to say “thank you” for each morning.

Rain or shine – it’s a good day.

If it rains, you don’t have to water the lawn, which keeps your water bills down (and your shoes dry). If it’s sunny, plants will thrive and you can feel the sun on your face. You can also use fewer lights inside during your work day and keep electric bills down. Either way, it’s a good day.

Out with the downers.

They creep up on us at the store or while we’re out and about. They’re the Poopy Penguins with the sad faces and nothing good to say. When someone around you tries to bring you down, think of how you’d turn the situation around (whether it’s your situation or not). Frowns look better upside down!

Start with a smile.

When you’re sideways, it’s better to start with a smile. First, it’s a pause. It takes a moment to put that smile on. And in that moment, you can change your attitude. Forget about the mad and start with something positive when something doesn’t go right. When your teenager spills something on the carpet after tearing through the house, why not try, “I see you’re a shoo-in for the cross country team next season. In the meantime, can we keep the speed limits below 5 MPH while in the house?”


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