Keeping your ego in check - http://www.karen-keller.comWhen you’re a player in the corporate game, you learn quickly that one of the most important ways to get ahead in business is to get into a position of power. With power comes the opportunity to get your ideas and opinions heard and advance further in the company. However, many times we fall into one of the biggest dangers that comes with an increase in power and that is getting a big head and becoming arrogant. Arrogance can actually do a lot of damage to your career, so you want to avoid it at all costs. How can you gain more power at work without becoming overly cocky?

Keep yourself grounded. Don’t let your power take over your mind and carry you straight out of reality. Keep your feet firmly planted on the ground and you stand a greater likelihood of avoiding arrogance.

Remain connected to your employees. You are only as good as your team and if you stay connected to your employees, they’ll help to empower you without feeding your ego.

Have your friends keep you in check. Your true friends will let you know when you start getting too big for your britches. Always rely on them to keep you honest and grounded.

Check in with your gut. Your intuition knows when you aren’t acting like yourself. When you are acting arrogant or letting power corrupt you, you will still likely have that little voice in the back of your head telling you to straighten up.

Gauge your confidence. We all know confidence is key when it comes to promotion and gaining power, but make sure you don’t make the switch from confident to arrogant. Keep your confidence in check with reality!

Use your power for good. It’s one of the most cliché lines from children’s television shows, that if power falls into the wrong hands, it’s extremely dangerous, but it’s true. When you use the influence you have to affect changes for the better, then you’ll rarely have your power corrupt you.




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From regional manager to international executive with quadruple the pay, Karen Keller’s unique blueprint carefully outlined the step-by-step process for creating high-impact influence and let me know when I was being influenced in a way that didn’t serve me.
Lloyd Moore
Global Director Supplier Quality & Development - Lear Corporation – South Carolina