Check out the video on my blog or YouTube or the thousands of other sites carrying this. Her name is Susan Boyle. She sang on “Britain’s Got Talent” and WOW! She sang “I Dream the Dream” from Les Miserables. It is amazing! I got tears in my eyes listening, watching and wondering. She knocked them on their ‘you-know-what!’ Ms. Boyle obviously has a sense of humor and an innocence coupled with down to earth honesty. Man, can she sing!

What can we learn from Susan Boyle? Lots! As the judge said on camera, “Most of us were cynical and against you . . . .This has been a wake up call.” No kidding – in more ways than one. The audience snickered when she said she wanted to be as successful as Elaine Paige, The First Lady of British Musical Theatre. I imagine Ms. Boyle has heard snickers like that all her life.

Why? Because she doesn’t fit the stereotype of what a “success” should like. She is single, never been kissed, lives with her cat, and sings in the church choir. In her ABC interview with Diane Sawyer she acknowledged that she was bullied while growing up for being shy.

My question is, why has this person not been discovered before now? I’ll tell you why – she isn’t a size 4, under 22, and doesn’t catch the eye of mainstream world! I would take my picture with, cross the street to greet and spend my money on Susan Boyle any day before I would Paris Hilton or Lindsey Lohan. Enough!

This talented, middle aged woman is a well-deserved reminder for all of us to look beyond the package. Where’s the real talent? Are you actively seeking it or just skimming the page waiting for what looks hot? Who are you overlooking?  Where’s your talent? Where’s the talent in your family? Where’s the talent in your company? Are you looking close enough?

I can’t count the number of times I have heard CEOs wonder where so-and-so went, why they left the company. Here’s the reason – talented people leave when the company refuses to recognize them, stopping them from taking the risks that foster their talent. Talented people need talent-seeing organizations.

My message to Susan Boyle: when the vultures swoop in to get a piece of you, please don’t let them change you. Stay just the way you are and keep us smiling with your angelic voice. Continue reaching for your dream and thank you for sharing it with me.

Here’s one for the rest of us!


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