Shel Silverstein has the classic book of children’s poetry called “Where the Sidewalk Ends.” Perhaps you’ve read it.

But as adults, do we ever sit and wonder where the sidewalk begins? We see cracks and chunks missing, grass growing between seams and stains…but how often are we lucky enough to take a moment and see where the sidewalk begins?

We walk and walk, turn left and right. Cross streets, stare at traffic. We rely on the sidewalks to take us forward, back and across, but what do you think when you see where one actually begins?

It’s suddenly there – from nowhere – leading you only one direction: forward and onward. What can you do today to find a sidewalk that begins?

Your action task for today is to build your own sidewalk. I know that might sound just a little bit nuts, but what do you have to lose? If you can sit down and take the first step towards charting your own path on where you want to go, why not grab that opportunity and run with it as far as you can?

YOU are the one that says what direction you go in, so why not start today by clearing some grass and making space for your future? Sometimes, moving forward is the most difficult thing we can do, but there’s incredible value in motion. It keeps us busy and puts our thoughts on a narrow path so we can find strength and focus on forward instead of what was or what might be. The sidewalk begins wherever – and whenever – you want it to.

Want to walk with me?

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Lloyd Moore
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