Can influence be measured?
Influence potential is knowing how confident, committed, courageous, passionate, empowering, trustworthy and likeable you are.

Yes, but…  

You would need to follow a person around for 6 months, observing and recording every interaction, conversation and behavior.

Then you’d have to come up with a way to organize and give meaning to each action and the result of that particular action.

Next, you’d have to conclude if these interactions were successful at getting the other person to take action in their favor, which means you’d need to follow the intended target around to determine if they were influenced.

Arduous, frustrating, and virtually impossible. I don’t know about you, but this is way too exhausting to even think about!

However, all is not lost!

The good news is … what you CAN measure is influence potential.

Influence potential is the raw or untapped resources you have within you. Those resources are the key to how effectively you influence others. This level of self-knowledge is the single factor that that will move you toward the success you desire.

Influence potential is knowing how confident, committed, courageous, passionate, empowering, trustworthy and likeable you are. These seven traits are the cornerstone of what makes you influential.

What would you do if you knew how courageous, trustworthy, or committed you were or could be?

Here’s what knowing your influence potential can do for you:

  1. Write more courageously (self-expression is critical for influence)
  2. Share your ideas confidently to the team
  3. Save you lots of time (from obsessing, self-doubting, etc)
  4. Get access to more information
  5. Become the go-to person in a crunch (because your advice is extremely valuable)
  6. Make you a great deal of money
  7. Set you up to be a better (and highly effective) communicator
  8. Improve your decisions
  9. Receive the promotion you deserve
  10. Make people want to help (follow, listen to) you

Unfortunately, many people never develop their influence potential to its highest degree – if at all. Why is that? Because as we grow up, we each have different experiences, we develop different beliefs, attitudes and philosophies. Some of which serve us and some of which get in the way of developing our influence capacity.

Knowing your influence potential is a great measurement because it gives you a heads-up or benchmark of what you’re doing right (your strengths) and what isn’t working out (your challenges). It gives you instant access to self-knowledge which is the start of being a powerful, effective, and influential person.

Who you are, deep inside, your very nature, is the genesis of all your actions. And every person on this earth has influence potential. You were born with it.



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