Use the KII® to Solve Problems
This KII® is the answer to your problem

Carl Fisher was a problem solver his entire life. Most people solve problems to gain riches and fame. That wasn’t Carl’s motivation. Carl solved problems because that was in his nature. Opening a car dealership during the boom of the auto industry, Carl realized that people will want to drive at night, so he invented headlights, making hundreds of millions of dollars.

Next, Carl thought that people will want to race their cars. So, Carl built a race track which is now known as the Indy 500. Then one day, Carl saw them building a bridge in Florida from a resort area to some swamp land. He made a deal with the bridge builder that he would help build a better bridge if he could have the swamp land on the other side. Carl turned this swamp land into Miami Beach. Carl invented and built things because he had to solve a problem and improve the world, not because he wanted to become rich and famous, but because he wanted to make a difference.  

This is what you have in common with Carl. You want to make a difference. In your life and in the lives of others.

When it comes to problems, I firmly believe that the first step to solving them is to change them. Change your perspective, change the meaning, and change how you usually approach them.

Solving a problem is about eliminating friction and pain. You risk interrupting how things are done. This is how you uncover the potential of resources at your disposal.

And here’s the BEST NEWS

You are the first resource that needs to be uncovered. You are the best resource available.

Every problem that you have can be solved or changed by using a combination of your influence traits – ideally all of them.

For example, when you are meeting with your boss and you feel the lump in your throat, the perspiration under your shirt, and the fogginess in your head; it’s your confidence that says, “Hey wait a minute, I have something to offer – and its good!” And it’s your courage that goes, “Move over, here I come!”

Your confidence and courage are instrumental in gauging how well you will meet any obstacle in your way. Before you can maximize an influence trait you need to know how much of it you actually have.

This is where the Keller Influence Indicator® (KII®) comes in. This tool accurately measures, based on your unique responses, how developed or positioned your influence traits are, in this case, your confidence and your courage.

You know every person who has successfully conquered a problem has used confidence and courage to make it happen. Whether it was work or a relationship issue, it takes confidence to believe in yourself and courage to risk moving through it.

Just ask Carl Fisher. He adamantly used his confidence to tackle any problem AND used his courage to improve anything he thought should be made better. Where does your confidence and courage rank? Take the Keller Influence IndicatorTM(KIITM) and find out!



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How to Change a Problem

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From regional manager to international executive with quadruple the pay, Karen Keller’s unique blueprint carefully outlined the step-by-step process for creating high-impact influence and let me know when I was being influenced in a way that didn’t serve me.
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