Are you trustworthy enough to command attention?
How Trustworthy are you really?

In our last blog post, Top Ten Tips on Getting People’s Attention (Part I) , I shared 5 tips on becoming likeable. Likeability is where it all begins!  It’s likeability that gets your foot in the door to getting more attention.

So, how do you not only keep your foot in the door, but get the door to swing wide open?

By being trustworthy.

Being trustworthy is never over-rated. In fact, it’s usually underrated because many people automatically assume they can be trusted or are seen as trustworthy.

Would people agree with you? We hope so.

Keeping people’s attention is the new currency of business. Attention, having others’ mental engagement or focus on your message or information you share, is a scarce and valuable resource.

People are either suppliers of information or consumers of information. As a supplier of information, it’s important to know how to get attention for the information you want to provide. And as a consumer of information, you need to know how to allocate your attention.

Whether you are a supplier or consumer of information (attention), the one thing that is common to both is trust.

Let’s look at the second set of 5 things you can do to become more trustworthy, thus, keeping people’s attention.

1.  Develop character that has integrity as its cornerstone. Character is the total of attributes that show up in your moral strength. Character is who you are. It defines you and directs your behavior. When you want people to trust you, they need to believe that you will (without fail) do the right thing, regardless of the situation or pressures. 

2.  Practice self-discipline. Remaining dedicated and self-controlled, even when challenged, contributes to your trustworthiness. Self-discipline is a type of selective training, creating new habits of thoughts, action, and attitude toward improving yourself.

3. Live in honesty. It is essential to survival; providing the foundation for you to sleep at night and look yourself in the mirror the next morning. Honesty is when you recognize the fact that the unreal is unreal and has no value. Any attempt to gain value by deceiving others results in distrust, disgust, and aversion. No matter how you spin it, honesty is the foundation of truth.

4. Be reliable. Reliability is established through diligence and follow-through. It depends on responsiveness, which involves respectful communication and demonstrated concern. When people experience your reliability, they are more interested in your advice, your ideas, and your purpose.

5.  Say yes to accountability. People trust those who accept responsibility for their choices and don’t place blame on others. Just as it is important to be held accountable by others, it is equally, if not more important, to hold yourself accountable – to have personal accountability.

The best way to get and keep people’s attention is to be genuinely likeable and trustworthy. Getting someone’s attention means you will be heard,  giving you the opportunity to influence. Holding their attention gives you the chance to engage in interaction, breaking down barriers while finding future common ground to move forward.

What’s the next step after getting and keeping their attention? Make sure your message is fascinating!

How Trustworthy are you? See what some of our Facebook Fans said and be sure to rate yourself as well!





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