There are 6 myths that I will bust (no pun intended!) about women and influence. And here they are:

1.  The White Knight Myth. This is the idea that women are only influential because of their husband, family, or others outside of themselves.  Men and some women believe that this is the only road for a woman to pursue her goals AND accomplish them. Reality:  Women are influential in spite of their husband, family or others.  Women are influential because of what's inside them.

2.  The Global Myth. This myth supports the idea that in order to have influence, it requires a woman to do it all the time, everywhere.  Being influential in our small corner of the world doesn't count. Reality: Women have influence regardless if they decide to do it all.  The only requirement is women 'just do it.'  Oh, and by the way, we are 'doing it' just fine!

3.  The Perfection Myth.   This is the idea that you need to be, understand, and express perfectly first in order to have influence. Reality:  Influence is expressed perfectly from a woman because it originates from her soul.  Women intuitively know when, where and how - the first time!

4.  The Permission Myth. This myth maintains the idea that a woman needs to ask or get permission somewhere or from someone to have influence or be influential. Reality:  The ONLY person a woman needs permission from to have influence is herself - no one else.

5.  The Finite Myth.   This is the idea that there is a limit to the amount of influence a woman can have.  It is akin to getting only 15 minutes of fame. Reality:  Women are limitless in everything they do, including demonstrating influence and persuasion.

6.  The Femininity Myth. This idea supports the notion that having influence is not a 'womanly' thing.  Only strong, loud men are allowed to exact their influence. Reality:  The most "womanly" thing a woman does is have influence!  Being a woman and having influence are synonymous.

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From regional manager to international executive with quadruple the pay, Karen Keller’s unique blueprint carefully outlined the step-by-step process for creating high-impact influence and let me know when I was being influenced in a way that didn’t serve me.
Lloyd Moore
Global Director Supplier Quality & Development - Lear Corporation – South Carolina