Find balance between work and play

Spring is in the air and, boy, can I feel it! Every morning greets me with warmth and sunshine, flowers are beginning to bloom and I’ve nearly forgotten what winter felt like. I’m sure you’ve all been seeing the same wonderful transformation and, if you’re like me, you’ve been sitting in your office itching to ditch the paperwork and get outside to soak up the sun in whatever outdoor activities you prefer.

Unfortunately, as executives, we have very important jobs to do and that means we don’t get to go play outside whenever we feel like it. However, if you try and completely ignore that urge to get outside, you may find yourself becoming less productive as you spend more and more time daydreaming about what it would feel like to be outside. As strong, smart individuals, we’ve got to take the time to find balance between work and play in the sunny months to come and there are several ways to get it done without interfering with your busy work schedule.

Get Your Dose of Vitamin D at Lunch

You’ve got to eat some time during the day, why not make sure you take it outside? Instead of eating lunch at your desk, take your lunch to a more sunny locale. If your office building has a courtyard, take your bag lunch there. Or, if you have a business meeting scheduled, make it a working lunch and pick a place that has a patio. The added bonus: you can write the lunch off come tax time!

Pack Some Shoes Made for Walking

If you can’t get to a restaurant or there’s not a suitable spot for eating lunch outside, bring your walking or running shoes to the office with you and take a half hour in the middle of the day to get outside and walk around. If you have the time and facilities in your office, you can even make it a run. Now you’ve soaked up some sun and got some great exercise at the same time.

Make Your Office Mobile

If work permits, get your laptop loaded up with the files you’ll need for the day and head out to your favorite coffee shop or bistro with a great patio for a few hours. When you give yourself the gift of working in the sunshine, the reward is a happier, more productive you. In this wireless age, you can get almost everything you’ll need to do business in mobile form.

Become Your Kids’ Cheerleader

With spring and summer come an abundance of children’s outdoor sports, from soccer to baseball and many other activities in between. Make the time in your day to go cheer your kids on at their games. This gets you out of the office and in the sunshine, plus, you have the opportunity to support your family at the same time. All feel good endeavors!



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