Powerful Communication: Understanding What’s NOT Being Said

You need to be fully in tune with every movement and every gesture to grasp the meaning of what is going on.  There are glances, subconscious noises and movements that you don’t even notice that tell others exactly what you’re thinking. Here are some of the basics for learning to read body language that can give you the upper hand when influencing. 

Can Influence Be Measured?

Knowing your influence potential is a great asset because it gives you a heads-up or benchmark of what you’re doing right (your strengths) and what isn’t working out (your challenges). It gives you instant access to self-knowledge which is the start of being a powerful, effective, and influential person.

How Using the KII® Can Solve Your Very Next Problem

When it comes to problems, I firmly believe that the first step to solving them is to change them. Change your perspective, change the meaning, and change how you usually approach them.  Solving a problem is about eliminating friction and pain. You risk interrupting how things are done. This is how you uncover the potential of resources at your disposal.

Success Begins With Your Personal Level of Influence

Influence has become a major buzz word in the last few years. Major corporations are investing billions of dollars to build employees’ morale, confidence, and skills. They hold conferences in Vegas, workshops in the New Mexico desert, team-building retreats in the mountains of the Pacific Northwest.

This is done all in the effort to increase their influence. Is it working? Maybe. Could it work faster? Yes. Might they get better, long-lasting results? Yes.

Power: How to Use It Right

There's nothing negative about gaining more power, as long as you use it correctly. How are you using yours?

Guaranteed Influence: It’s All in the Words You Use

Have you ever stopped to think about the words you are using to communicate and how they affect the outcome of what you’re trying to say? Here are a few examples of what to say and what not to say when trying to persuade 


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